Why is Carl Icahn Making Up Another Conspiracy Theory about eBay, Marc Andreessen, and Microsoft?

On Monday, Carl Icahn claimed to have uncovered evidence of a “workaround of the technology that was the subject of the licensing dispute between eBay and Skype’s founders and that was reportedly the cause of Microsoft ‘walking away’ [from buying Skype as an alternative to eBay selling Skype to the Silver Lake syndicate].” (1)

There was no workaround.

There was speculation about and discussion of a potential workaround.

I never believed it would work.

Had there been a workaround, the Skype syndicate wouldn’t have had to settle the litigation with the founders and include them in the syndicate, which would have made the Skype transaction more profitable for the other members of the syndicate, which included eBay and Andreessen Horowitz.

Mr. Icahn’s latest conspiracy theory is not only imaginary and false — it also flunks basic logic.

(1) http://www.shareholderssquaretable.com/we-believe-based-on-evidence-we-have-newly-uncovered-that-donahoes-inexcusable-incompetence-cost-ebay-stockholders-over-4-billion/

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