Monthly Archives: October 2010

Andreessen Horowitz prefers funding companies whose CEO is a co-founder. We also prefer founders who are technical. Put the two together, and you often have a CEO who has to hire executives into roles (e.g., marketing, sales, customer support, finance) she has never done before.

How in the world do you interview and recruit someone for a role you’ve never done before? Start with Ben’s latest blog post “Hiring Executives: If You’ve Never Done the Job, How Do You Hire Someone Good?“.

One of the best parts of my job as a venture capitalist is that I meet super-interesting and super-motivated cofounders all the time. As you might expect, most cofounders have compelling personal histories that have shaped them as entrepreneurs—stories such as “started coding at age 10 before ever seeing a computer”; “enrolled at Stanford at age 16 and graduated in 3 years”; “founded and sold two businesses while in high school” and so on.

Against this backdrop of amazing stories, we recently met an entrepreneur whose personal background is so jaw-dropping that it ought to written into a Hollywood movie script. Head on over to Ben’s Blog to hear the story of Christian Gheorge, co-founder of a company named Proferi, which we recently funded along with our colleague and friend Aneel Bhusri at Greylock. The story begins with in Communist-ruled Romania in the 1970s. Go read the rest of the story.